Guide on how to get Vietnam visa

Only way to get Vietnam visa for Dutch to Vietnam by Bus

For many Dutch passport holders, taking a long trip through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam has long become a trend. For those entering Vietnam by air, they have two ways to get a visa for Vietnam, namely:

  1. Getting visa via the Vietnam embassy; or
  2. Getting Vietnam visa on arrival.

But what’s about getting a Vietnam visa for Dutch entering Vietnam by bus. This post will give you the exact answer.

applying for Vietnam visaAll holders of Dutch passports entering Vietnam by bus should keep in mind that at the moment, they only have one option to get the visa for Vietnam, namely getting it via the embassy of Vietnam. It can be embassy of Vietnam in Netherlands, or that in Thailand or Cambodia or Laos, the country before Vietnam.

The visa procedure may vary from embassy to embassy, but the common procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: Download the Vietnam visa application form at website of Vietnam embassy you wish to apply via, fill it out, attach it with photo
  • Step 2: Travel to the embassy, submit visa application, original passport and other documents as required by the embassy.
  • Step 3: Pay for visa fee.
  • Step 4: Travel back home and wait for visa application processed by the embassy.
  • Step 5: Travel back to the embassy to pick up full visa for Vietnam.

However, some embassies accept submission of visa application documents and return of visa and original passport by post.

For more information, you are highly recommended to directly contact the embassy with which you want to apply for visa.

The procedure to obtain a visa via the embassy may be a little bit more complicated. In case you travel to Vietnam by air, the latter (visa on arrival) is highly recommended for convenience and simplicity.