6 essential things to bring to Vietnam

It is undeniable that Vietnam is a wonderful destination to spend your holiday, and like other places, there are some certain things you should bring along for convenience. Check out here!

Top 5 traditional festivals in Vietnam that Netherlands citizens may be interested

Traditional festivals are also a typical feature of each nation. In this article, we will introduce Top 5 traditional festivals in Vietnam that Netherlands citizens may be interested.

3 indispensable costs for a Vietnam trip

Which costs you need to cover for a Vietnam trip? Let's find out full guide of Vietnam cost regarding visa, transportation cost and accommodation cost in Vietnam!
Ngoc Son temple Vietnam visa

3 historical sites in Vietnam’s capital the Netherlands tourists cannot miss

Visitors definitely should not miss the famous monuments and famous historical sites here in Hanoi, because it is the soul of thousands of years of civilization of this land.

5 things Canadian should know when exporting their products to Vietnam

Vietnam is a young dynamic market, which has a lot of potentialities for Canadian enterprises. This post gives some brief reasons why Canadian should pay attention to invest in Vietnam.

Vietnam Customs Regulations for New Zealanders

New Zealanders should remember information about essential documentations and things to bring into or out of Vietnam, which are mentioned below.

Smart guide for successful travel to Vietnam

When talking about the charming Vietnam, we cannot stop thinking about the exquisite S shape that holds the impressive attraction to the travelers all over the world. In each corner of country, there are lots of beautiful destinations to explore. Citizens of Netherlands are always welcomed to this friendly nation, thus the matters of traveling to Vietnam from Netherlands is always their concern.
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How to rent a good house in Hanoi

Renting a house in hanoi can be among the toughest tasks for…
Phu Quoc island - Vietnam travel - Vietnam Visa

Phu Quoc among 10 Most Beautiful Asian Islands to Visit This Summer

With clear turquoise waters, dreamy sand beaches, gently swaying palm trees, surfing spots, breathtaking underwater life and some of the best diving sites, Asia’s fascinating islands, including Phu Quoc of Vietnam are close to being heaven on earth.
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Change Vietnam visa type or Apply New one?

Can we apply for a second single entry visa or van we change our present visa to multiple entry? We are presently in Hoi An and Hue and plan to fly from Danang.