Best way to get Vietnam visa for Dutch getting into Vietnam by air

Although, at the moment, Dutch travelers to Vietnam may have two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa. So. Which one is preferred today? With the increasing number of Dutch users of visa on arrival today, it is proved that this kind of visa have been much preferred by Dutch, and becoming the best way to Dutch to obtain a visa to Vietnam.

But please keep in mind that it is for those traveling to Vietnam by air only.

Now, let’s see how simple and convenient it is and why it is regarded the best way to get Vietnam visa for Dutch travelers:

Get cheap and easy Vietnam visa for Dutch citizens and residents

Step 1:  Complete online form for visa approval letter

In this step, you will need to fill out the online form for a visa approval letter. No document is required. Just provide us with following information:

  1. Contact information: name, email and phone number;
  2. Visa information: purpose of visit, visa type, visa validity;
  3. Applicant’s details: full name, nationality, gender, birth of date, passport number and expiry date.

That’s all for step 1 to get visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Step 2: Pay for service fee

This step for you to finish your work. The payment can be made online via paypal, onepay, western union with your credit cards.

It’s all your part, and we will take it from now.

Step 3: Get visa approval letter

After receiving your application, we will work with the Vietnam Immigration department to process your visa approval letter and send it to your registered email within 2 working days (for tourist visa) or quicker as you request.

Together with the letter, you also receive the Vietnamese visa application form (also known as entry and exit form) and detailed guided to get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

You then print them out, fill out the Vietnamese visa application form, prepare 2 passport-sized photos and wait for your travel to Vietnam.  If you forget completing the form, you can do on your flight.

Step 4: Get visa stamped

At your departure airport, please show your original passport and the visa approval letter to get on board.

And then, upon arrival at Vietnam airport, you need to head to the visa on arrival counter (also landing visa counter), show your original passport, visa approval letter, completed Vietnamese visa application form, photos and stamping fee (US $25 for a single entry visa or US $50 for a 1 or 3-month multiple entry visa) to complete the visa procedure.

Is is process simple? That’s among the reasons why visa on arrival has become the best way to obtain visa for Vietnam today.

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