6 essential things to bring to Vietnam

It is undeniable that Vietnam is a wonderful destination to spend your holiday, and like other places, there are some certain things you should bring along for convenience. We would like to recommend a packing list as below:

1. Vietnam visa & passport

Foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam can come directly to Vietnam Consulate locations/ Vietnam embassy in their home countries or apply online through Vietnam-visa.com. If you plan to visit Vietnam by plane, Vietnam visa on Arrival or so-called VOA is highly recommended.

The whole procedures are made online, therefore, it is extremely convenient, time and cost efficient. Besides, the total cost for visa application is widely published. You can visit the website for more information on service fee.

Finally, when coming at the arrival airports, do not forget to bring necessary documents and cash to pay for custom officers to get full stamped on original passport.

2. Durable shoes

If you are planning to go for trekking and hiking, a good pair of shoes is a must-bring item. If you forget to buy one prior to your trip, you can ask to borrow or hire from your host family, or hostel, but the right-size for you may not available, and remember to make bargain while purchasing then.

Additionally, Vietnamese streets are also slippery and wet during rainy season therefore it is good to buy anti-slippery shoes and shoe cover to protect yourself.

3. Electrical devices (Adapter, Back-up charger, etc.)

In case the outlets in the hotels or hostels you arrive at may not fit your plug shapes, bring the converter with you to connect with the electricity. Also, for many hostel and hotels in Vietnam, the voltage is still 220V so the adapter will be a helpful tool to help you to charge all devices.

Back-up charger: Please remember to fully charge your electrics gadgets, because you many need them, especially on a long bus or train ride.

Smart phone or I-Pad: Because Wifi is now available almost everywhere in Vietnam, thus, you can do multiple things with them such as: search Google Maps, call your friends or family, book taxi or motorbike using Grab or Uber or even go shopping.

4. Insect Repellent

Vietnam is a tropical country so insects can be seen almost anywhere, including disease-carrying like mosquito, flies, etc. And you can get infected with malaria, zika, dengue fever, etc. if got bitten by these animals.

There are some quite good brands of insect spray in Vietnam such as Softfell, Remos, etc and they are sole in many stores and supermarkets at an affordable price.

5. Medication

Diarrhea – is a main problems and nearly unavoidable with most foreign tourists in Vietnam. Although the symptoms are usually not severe and gone quite quickly, a remedy is still a good thing to have.

Antiseptic solutions, bandage and gauze is also what you need to prepare for your trips because you cannot foresee what can happen during the time you are in Vietnam. If you experience any strange or severe symptoms, please head to the nearest drugstore or hospital to ask for treatment.

6. Sun protection

If you don’t want to get sunburn or other dermatological diseases, don’t forget to apply and wear the following items: High SPF sunscreen, hats, long-sleeve shirts and pants are useful items to help you reduce the effect of radioactive from the sun during day time.

The above mentioned are necessary things that you should place in your luggage before coming to Vietnam. Wish you a best and wonderful trip!