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2012-10-5 · 20103Bucyrus,RH400Bucyrus。RH400,O&K1997(830),RH400CumminsQSK60-C... 20103Bucyrus,RH400Bucyrus。 ...

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· The model is based on Bucyrus RH400, because Bucyrus was purchased by in, expanding its mining division. However, the FS features more durable components, hardened undercarriage, enhanced oil-flow system and hydraulics, better customer service support, LED working lights for night shifts or innovative on-board electronics.

World''s Biggest Hydraulic Shovel?

2019-10-2 · The world''s largest hydraulic shovel is the Bucyrus RH400. The total height of this machine is 32'' 9"and the overall width is 28'' 3". This monster of a hydraulic machine weighs in at about 2,160,510 lb and it has a 4,500 hp (for comparison, a Bobcat T180 has a 66 hp engine). And the shovel on this hydraulic machine can hold 65.4 cubic yards.

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2011-7-27 · RH400。 1997,6RH400。 4Syncrude(11-35、11-36、11-3711-38);5,;6,Albian。

Les plus grandes pelles minières du monde | Simple

2021-2-14 · La Bucyrus RH400 est une pelle avant pesant environ 889t. la largeur du train de roulement est de 8,6 m et la longueur de la chenille est de 10,98 m. La Pelle sur la pelle a la capacité de contenir 45m3 de roche dans une seule pelle. La force de foule du bras et la force de rupture de la pelle atteignent respectivement 3 300 kN et 2 400 kN.

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2017-10-20 · 、Bucyrus RH400。6090 FS20,980。 ——7495 HF ,21,1,435, …

Bucyrus RH400 Specifications Machine.Market

Bucyrus RH400. acquired South Milwaukee-based mine-equipment maker Bucyrus International for $7.6 billion. , the world''s largest construction company, also decided to market Bucyrus mining equipment under the brand name. Crane Specifications, Load Charts, and Crane Manuals are for *Reference Only* and are not ...


Contact us today and one of our sourcing specialists will assist you to find exactly what you need. Load more results. That is all the results we could find. 6090. MINING SHOVEL. O&K RH400. MINING SHOVEL.


BUCYRUS RH400 Mining Shovel . Componentes disponibles; Guía de partes; Modelos relacionados; Contamos con una extensa red de proveedores de componentes alrededor del mundo y puede ayudarlo a buscar cualquier parte que usted necesite, sin importar lo difícil que sea de encontrarla.

Bucyrus : RH 400

Escavatori Frontali Bucyrus . RH 400 Bucyrus . RH 340-B Bucyrus . RH200 Bucyrus . RH 170B Bucyrus . RH120 Bucyrus . RH 90-C Bucyrus . RH40-E Bucyrus . Macchine simili. RH 400 Bucyrus Escavatori Frontali. PC2000-8 Komatsu Escavatori Frontali. 385C FS Escavatori Frontali. RH200 Bucyrus Escavatori Frontali. EX5500-6

BUCYRUS Crawler Excavators For Sale

2011 bucyrus rh340b Crawler Excavators Price: USD $1,630,474 USD $1,630,474 + GST = USD $1,793,521 ( GST applies to buyers in Australia ) ( Price entered as : AUD $2,400,000 )

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2016-6-29 · :20 ? 1、BUCYRUS RH400 (). 20103Bucyrus,11BucyrusCAT76,RH400(Bucyrus)。. RH400,O&K1997 ...

As 5 Maiores Escavadeiras Hidráulicas do …

2022-7-12 · A Bucyrus RH400, adquirida pela , é a maior escadeira hidráulica em operação atualmente. Lançada originalmente pela em 1997, foi adquirida pela Bucyrus em 2010 e na sequência foi incorporada à família …

2022-3-29 · BUCYRUS RH400,Bucyrus;,RH400,: 1、15100; 2、20.2; 3、3300kN;

LEGO Technic/ MOC Bucyrus RH400 Mining ...

2020-12-4 · LEGO Technic/ MOC Bucyrus RH400 Mining Shovel . ... [] ... [] ... 【】12.5R9800!. !. 42100 R9800。.

SURFACE MINING: Bucyrus International

2021-3-11 · mining industries. Bucyrus equipment is used for mining coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands and other minerals. CHALLENGE To gain competitive advantages for its customers, Bucyrus looked to extend the bushing life in the take-up idlers on their electric mining shovels. The idler, a non-powered roller at the end of the

RH400 Shovel

Find RH400 Shovel for Sale . P & H 4100XPB Front Shovel, Front Shovel-- ALBERTA, CAN. 2008 RT230-1 30 ton 4x4x4 Rough Terrain Crane. 3481 FORT WORTH, TX. 2004 TA25 Articulated Dump Truck. 14642 FORT WORTH, TX. 2012 TLB840PS 4x4 Backhoe Loader (Inoperable) 2639 FORT WORTH, TX.


2012-9-8 · 1、BUCYRUS RH400 20103Bucyrus,11BucyrusCAT76,RH400(Bucyrus)。 RH400,O&K …

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The largest machines in mining

2014-1-30 · The /Bucyrus RH400 is a monster digger typically found on mines around the world. The machine weighs in at 100 tonnes more, 980 tonnes, than the next largest hydraulic excavator, Hitachi''s ...


2010-8-31 · 20103Bucyrus,RH400Bucyrus。RH400,O&K1997(830),RH400Cummins QSK60-C(16,),15100,


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2012-11-26 · 1、BUCYRUS RH400 20103Bucyrus,11BucyrusCAT76,RH400(Bucyrus)。 RH400,O&K1997(830)。

Fully loaded

2021-12-1 · • Bucyrus Bucyrus offers AC IGBT drive technology as standard across its range of six electric rope shovels: 495HR 2, 495HF, 495HD, 395HR, 295HR, 295HD and 182M. The machines offer payloads of 18-109t. The latest model, the 495HR2, is a 109t payload machine. It features a redesigned Bucyrus cab; free-floating, tubular handle front

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Bucyrus. This page is only for our Dealers and Distributors. B2B. Bucyrus rh400 excavator price. Copy right claim. The rh400 has working ability to scoop up around material. The ex, launched by construction machinery in, is currently second largest hydraulic excavator. rk400 weighs tons.

6090,RH400 ? KPS

2018-11-7 ·  KPS RH400 O&K BUCYRUS,1:50,,! 2650, KPS, ...


2020-7-9 · 1000,,Lego MOC RH400,O&K RH400,!,,7,1000,legao Grovegmk 6400,,RH400

Extreme Machines Earth Movers Pictures

2010-8-17 · While the Bucyrus RH400 was the one to make its star turn in Transformers 2, the 31-million-pound Bagger 293 might have been the machine better suited for the role of villain in a sci-fi summer ...

2020-10-17 ·  - RH400 ( RH400 Mining Excavator), 4415 。2019。Brick4 "",。

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The Bucyrus RH400 has an undercarriage width of 8,6 metres, a height of 10,175 metres (at the top of the cab) and a crawler length of 10,98 metres. It''s powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines, weighs approximately 889 tonnes and has a bucket capacity of 45 cubic metres per shovel load. At KH Plant, we specialise in restoring 140G.

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2015-8-29 · :BUCYRUS RH400 : :980,:3360kW(4570)/1800rpm :50(80,:SAE 2:1, …

RH400 Excavator Specs, Dimensions, Comparisons : …

Model: RH400 (See all RH400 for sale) Bucket. Reference Bucket Capacity: 58.9 cu yds (45 m) Dimensions. Height - Top of Cab: 33.4 ft (10 m) Height of …


2020-7-28 · The Bucyrus RH400, now owned by , is said to hold the title of the world''s biggest hydraulic excavator. This monster is a front shovel excavator and weighs in at around 980 tonnes. This mine chewer has an undercarriage width of 8.6 meters and crawler length of 10.98 meters. Just one scoop of the shovel can remove 45 cubic meters of material. With a crowd …

LEGO MOC RH400 V6_ ...

2019-10-29 · LEGO Technic/ MOC Bucyrus RH400 Mining Shovel Val 710 0 【】Lego VS 50000 RPM! 1.8 42 ...


2018-7-5 · The Bucyrus RH400, owned by , is the world''s biggest hydraulic excavator. It was originally launched by in Germany in 1997 but Bucyrus acquired the mining equipment division of in 2010. Bucyrus was acquired by in 2011. The Bucyrus RH400 is a front-shovel excavator weighing approximately 889t. The undercarriage width is …

The world''s biggest mining excavators

2013-12-20 · The Bucyrus RH400, owned by , is the world''s biggest hydraulic excavator. It was originally launched by in Germany in 1997 but Bucyrus acquired the mining equipment division of in 2010. Bucyrus was acquired by in 2011. The Bucyrus RH400 is a front-shovel excavator weighing approximately 889t.